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Our innovative Anti-DoS/DDoS tool provides ultimate security for your infrastructure by preventing Denial of Service attacks.

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Advanced Protection

Project Silica protects your server against incoming DoS/DDoS attacks by filtering traffic to all ports without proxying. This means ultimate protection for all services with no slowdown.

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The built-in log reader works perfectly with Apache 2.x and Plesk servers to detect flood attacks, including those that attempt to hide with minimal concurrent connections. Perpetrators are blocked in the firewall and connections instantly dropped.

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Our tool also protects against outgoing DoS attacks in the case of your server being compromised. Project Silica runs quitely in the background as a system process, using minimal CPU/RAM.


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Introducing Project Silica

March 28, 2023

Project Silica is an intuitively designed tool that runs quitely in the background on your server. It works differently than any other anti-DoS/DDoS tools that are available on the market. This is a security tool that doesn't require additional configuration, that works to protect ALL traffic and applications on the server, and that doesn't slow down operations.

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